Do you have a card?

So imagine you’re a musician and you just finished giving a show to a passionate crowd at a medium sized venue. The crowd loved the show but let’s say they already bought your debut CD for $10 at the last gig. You still want to capitalize while they’re still all tingly from the show’s finale. So you announce that for only $1, they can download three unreleased songs, only available to people who buy the digital download card.

This is a great marketing tactic. The cost is known upfront. You can set the price or give them away free to your permission email list to stretch the tribe a bit.

Where else could this tactic work?



* 1000 cards for only $489.00
* Free card design (a $100 value)
* You keep 100% of card sales revenue
* No hosting or set-up fees
* Free shipping in the USA
* High-quality, full-color 30 mil. plastic cards (not laminated paper)
* Works on all MP3 players
* DRM-Free (allows files to be burned to CD!)

How does it work?

Each card has a unique, eight-digit code printed on the reverse. This code gains the cardholder access to a personalized download page at the Soundtrax website. You decide how many times the code can be used to access the download page. Once downloaded, the music can be imported to any MP3 player (including the iPod and Zune) or burned to a CD.

You keep 100% of the revenue from card sales. And unlike iTunes and most other download services, you set your own price for the music or use the cards for free distribution for promotional purposes.

Other advantages include the ability to sell the cards at performances, rather than counting on fans that prefer downloads to seek out a download service later (after the glow of the live experience has worn off).

Want a free Soundtrax card?

Send us your address and we’ll mail you one today!

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