Everything is amazing. Nobody is happy.

As comedian Louis CK elucidates brilliantly and humorously on Conan O’Brien, everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

iPhoneMobile phones can stream video content, provide GPS directions or identify a song on the radio but we complain if it hangs for even ten seconds.

Planes can get us from New York to Los Angeles (or Dublin) in 6 hours but we complain if we have to sit on the runway for 30 minutes.

We complain every time the price of a stamp increases, yet you can reliably mail a letter from Seattle to Miami in a few days for 42 cents.

Anyone who has an opinion and a computer can have their message heard by thousands of people, literally for free. And that computer? It used to cost $1000. Now the laptop version only costs $250.

Yes, there are challenges. Yes, the economy is in the tank. But it is an amazing time in our history and it’s time we stop complaining, start focusing on the positive and leverage the advances in technology to cause positive change.

Feel free to print this post and mail it to all of your closest friends for only 42 cents.

One thought on “Everything is amazing. Nobody is happy.”

  1. But aren’t complaints good for the economy? Without the complaints, there would be no progress….

    Obviously, that’s in jest. My recommendation is that we all need to get a little perspective. Go live in Africa (live there. not take a vacation.) for a while. Then resume your regular life. When drinking water becomes an issue, 10 seconds doesn’t seem like such a long time anymore.

    That’s perspective.

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