You work in marketing

Everyone works in marketing. Because now, more than ever, it’s all marketing.

Seth Godin has elucidated this brilliantly many times.

HR is marketing.
The salaries and benefits markets your company to prospective employees.

Finance is marketing.
Do you continue to pay invoices late? Why should I keep choosing you?

R&D is marketing.
Ask a little car company called BMW.

IT is marketing.
What story does your website tell? Is it difficult to use or worse, down? I’m gone. (For now, Twitter’s fail whale is the only exception.)

The kid working the cash register is marketing.
How polite is the kid ringing up your products? For many businesses, this is the only touch point with the customer, which makes it the most critical.

Japanese companies get this. More than half of them don’t even have marketing departments because they understand that marketing is everyone’s job.

You work in marketing. Everyone does.

4 thoughts on “You work in marketing”

  1. I agree that all customer-facing employees are part of marketing. Salespeople always tell us that “everyone in the company is a sales person” but it’s really more about your brand and positioning.

  2. That’s brilliantly put. Each project you undertake, each employee you recruit, each decision you make tells a lot about your company. If each decision is taken with this perspective in mind, it can really work wonders.

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