Sushi Circus

I just saw this sign in Hastings on Hudson, New York and I had to shake my head.

When times are good, when everybody is flush, businesses can sometimes get away with bad (horrible) marketing decisions like this one for a period of time. Maybe, if they were located in Grand Central Station, they would get just enough foot traffic to cover the rent, but it would never be a growing, profitable, remarkable business.

Nevermind that people who eat sushi are generally willing to pay for quality. The sign alone would keep any real sushi eaters from stepping foot in the place. This sign is marketing to people that might not know that sushi is Japanese cuisine. Who exactly are they targeting? First time sushi eaters? This is certainly not a demographic to build a business on.

There is absolutely no story here. Imagine rushing home to call your friends, “I just had the most AVERAGE sushi, and I paid a little less than I would have for great sushi!”

What if the sushi was served on roller skates by pig-tailed cheerleaders? What if the place was called Sushi Circus and your rolls were served by happy clowns? What if the sushi rice was blue?

At least the customers would have a story to tell their friends.

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