Hand them a Sharpie

Imagine handing your customers black Sharpie markers to scribble their opinions of you all over the stark white walls of your business? Sound scary? Not to Cindi & Rick Hinds.

We recently stayed at the Deer Crossing Inn in Castro Valley, about 30 minutes outside of San Francisco. The nearby scenery is breathtaking, including a beautiful winding drive down Eden Valley Road off of the I-580.

From the minute you drive onto the grounds, you know that this isn’t your typical bed & breakfast. The owners, Rick and Cindi have done all the little things to make their inn stand out from so many others. Rick and Cindi do what great bed & breakfasts always do, they make you feel 100% comfortable and taken care of.

The minute you walk into the main house, you step foot into the large front room with a comfortable couch and knick knacks like a dartboard, letter jackets and a full size scoreboard on the wall.

Then you notice the walls. From top to bottom, and sometimes on the ceiling, the walls are covered in glowing reviews and comments from previous guests. Everyone who wrote their comments on the wall gets to go home with a built-in story to tell their friends & family.

Rick and Cindi converted strangers to friends. Do you?

Would you be comfortable handing your customers a Sharpie?

(Thanks, Cindi and Rick. We’ll be back.)

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