A branding mistake, corrected

Tropicana branding mistake

The last of the generic-looking Tropicana cartons are almost gone. If you didn’t get any, don’t worry. They’re not like baseball cards with errors. They won’t increase in value over time.

Many different takes on Tropicana’s mistake from:

Fast Company

The New York Times (need free registration)

Peter Merholz

David Wertheimer

And a different take by Todd Wasserman at BrandWeek.

Some say that it looked too generic. Some say that making the carton look like a store brand communicated value. Some say they couldn’t find their favorite type among many (no pulp, with Calcium and Vitamin D – see below).

Now that Tropicana has relented and brought back the old carton design, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “A branding mistake, corrected”

  1. Great job. They weren’t stubborn, they realized that they had made a mistake and they corrected it. That’s really all you can ask of people/companies.

    As a side note, if I was a conspiracy theorist, I would have thought this whole thing was a publicity stunt. I mean, who could have possibly thought that new design was a good idea?

  2. I think the world is full of a bunch of babies personally. The new design looked fine and looked more refined. The straw in the orange just looks corny to me. Glad to see that people are so lame as to be so swayed to buying the product just because of the packaging.

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