Rooting for Foodzie


Do you have a secret recipe for the best salsa ever but can’t seem to sell it on that e-commerce website your niece made you for $500?

Is your aunt Kate’s spiced pear butter ready for the big time?

Until now, there has been a serious gap between rocking a booth at a farmers market and getting shelf space at Whole Foods.

Enter Foodzie.

In their words,

We are an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers. We are a part of a bigger mission, to help change the way people eat. Our small piece of that mission is to help the small food producers across the country find customers and grow their business. We believe that instead of a small number of large food companies there should be a large number of small food companies. We’re a bit obsessed with good food and passionate about connecting those that like to eat it with the people that make it.

Foodzie handles credit-card processing and tax calculations for producers, and supplies prepaid shipping labels to the makers of such items as salami, apricot jam and ‘single malt scotch dark chocolate bars.

In return, Foodzie takes 20% of sales. (Explaining the math to aunt Kate should be pretty easy.)

They started in Colorado but recently moved to San Francisco and now Silicon Valley legends like Digg’s Kevin Olson are stopping by for tours.

Foodzie identified a gap in the marketplace and filled it. Now they’re filling stomachs and the pocketbooks of artisan producers all over the country.

I for one, hope they succeed.

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