Gaining approval


Do you have a great idea for overhauling the company intranet but know that you could never get approval from the IT managers?

Did you just think of a great new product but are afraid that the R&D execs will squash the idea?

The good news:
I know the formula to help you get your idea implemented.

The bad news:

It will take time and runs counterintuitive to human nature.

Here is the magic formula.

1) Start small. Implement an idea that is of low enough risk to get the initial buy in from someone who trusts you. If it’s small enough and low risk enough, don’t even ask permission. Just do it.

2) Promise them all the credit. If it succeeds, you make sure it comes across as their idea. They get all the plaques, ribbons and accolades.

3) You take all the blame. If it fails, make sure they know it will be on your shoulders, not theirs.

4) Execute. Deliver early and under budget. Implement wow.

5) Rinse and repeat with something bigger. If you keep making other people look good and get quality projects executed, you’ll gain a reputation. And more autonomy.

Do this a few times and your biggest problem will be choosing who gets to take credit for your next great idea.

Do it a few more times and you won’t be able to escape the credit.

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