Specific goals

Finish LIne

I was recently at my annual guys’ weekend with my brothers and a bunch of our college friends. To combat the inevitable 72 hour deviation from anything resembling a healthy diet, my friend Scott and I ran a 3.5 mile loop two of the three mornings.

Scott was looking trim and in shape (and was running circles around me), so I asked if he had been running or working out a lot lately. His response was worth repeating here.

He said that instead of the traditional New Year’s resolution of “losing weight” or “exercising more”, he made a specific goal of running five sanctioned road races in 2009, with a minimum length being a 5K and the goal of one of them being (at least) a half-marathon.

Pretty specific, huh?

If he trained more often, the races would be easier. If he procrastinated and didn’t train, the races would be hell.

So far, Scott has only run one of his five races but because he knows there are four more coming, he keeps making time to train and keep in shape.

As Zig Ziglar would say, are you a “meaningful specific” or a “wandering generality”?

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