United irony

This commercial for United airlines is now 20 years old. Although the technology and tactics have changed, the message remains the same: customers want to feel taken care of.

Top execs at United would do well to watch this commercial on loop and reevaluate their own customer service.

When this commercial aired, United offered two free checked bags, free snacks and free meals on longer domestic flights. In coach.

Today, United charges $20 for the first checked bag and $30 for the second bag. Not only are there no free meals in coach, they charge for those little cheese & cracker snack boxes. Last August, United was the first domestic carrier to eliminate meals on some international flights.

Understandably, times are tough. Costs are up. I understand that. Most customers do too. It’s not about the microwaved chicken kiev and free peanuts.

It’s about feeling treated like a human.

Similar to the customer in the ad, I fired United a long time ago.

Don’t give your customers a reason to fire you.


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