If you could transform your company…


…would you?

Everything has changed.

Customer engagement is the new marketing.

A thousand die hard, connected fans are far more important than a million dollar advertising budget.

The culture of your company now drives the bottom line instead of the other way around.

If you aren’t familiar with Zappos, they are a customer service company that happens to sell shoes, clothes and accessories. They have built an entire company around their unique culture, specifically their 10 core values.

Zappos Core Values

Zappos publishes an annual Zappos Culture Book that is insightful as it is entertaining.

Sure, you say. Culture is great, but what about revenue and profit? It’s always “show me the money.”

How about this…

In less than ten years, Zappos has gone from the glimmer in the eye of a frustrated shoe customer in a mall to over 1 billion dollars in gross revenue, doing something that many said couldn’t be done, selling shoes (and now much more) online.

Back on May 8th, I posted that magic must be baked-in, highlighting companies like Zappos, Southwest and Disney and how their culture was omnipresent from Day 1.

I’m not going back on that statement, but I will amend it slightly. Zappos Insights is offering two day “immersion” event two-day workshop that will allow you to dramatically strengthen your company’s culture.

Please understand the magnitude of this opportunity. This is like getting basketball lessons from Michael Jordan or hours of private cello lessons from Yo-Yo Ma.

The cost is miniscule. For $4995, you get to spend two days at Zappos world HQ in Las Vegas learning directly from the leaders of a company that has redefined both customer service and company culture (and an airport shuttle, accommodations, meals and entertainment).

What’s the last thing your company spent $5000 on?

Did it have the capability to transform your entire business?

Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity. You can find more information here.

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