From Kelly, a really cool post about Parkour, a really cool sport.

My favorite is Kelly’s quote to wrap the post:

Gives me chills. My entire girlhood, my entire life, might have been so different in so many ways if I’d had any of this when I needed self-confidence, when I needed to be living in and learning my body rather than being so wary of it. Oh, the possibilities.

And with some practice…walls become ladders and obstacles disappear….

The underlying metaphor of Parkour that obstacles aren’t always obstacles and anything is possible.

If you have a child, please teach them this. Parkour is one good way to do so.

One thought on “Parkour”

  1. Hey, thanks for this. And excellent point about obstacles.

    One of the messages I got growing up was that if I just worked "hard enough," I would be successful and all obstacles would melt away. The implication was that it was all about attitude and the 60-hour work week (and the corollary was that if I wasn't successful, clearly I wasn't trying hard enough).

    But we know this paradigm is false. And so it would be so much better to teach children something like parkour, which is about the skills and awareness that make obstacles part of the experience, and moving through them part of a larger process….

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