Daily Sense’s new clothes

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Like a five-month old outgrowing his Garanimals overalls, after over 140 posts, DailySense has outgrown the Max is NOW! WordPress theme that it’s been running on.

After inspiration from Chris Brogan and a pep talk from my friend Matt, I’ll be migrating Daily Sense to a popular WP theme called Thesis. There are many reasons for the change, including better SEO, improved flexibility and a better experience for you, my valued readers.

I want to thank Max over at Max is NOW for his generous sharing of the existing theme.

One of the huge benefits of Thesis is its flexibility. When I roll out the new design, I’ll be asking you for feedback. Tell me what you like and what you don’t and I’ll try to make sure Daily Sense gives you the experience you want.

Until then, let’s all pour out a little liquor for the colorful checkerboard. You will be missed.

2 thoughts on “Daily Sense’s new clothes”

    1. Thanks so much, Matt. My design skills are officially just good enough to get myself into trouble. If I knew less, I wouldn't try to do anything myself.

      I love your blog and I'll definitely check out your 'Design Noob' tutorials. Thanks!

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