The top 50 movie trailers ever

Movie Trailers

I’ll admit it. I love movie trailers. I love settling into my chair in a too-cold theater with a too-sticky floor and watching trailers for movies that won’t be out for months. Even if the trailers are often better than the movies themselves, I don’t mind.

Even at home, I like watching trailers on DVD. Those who know me will say that’s only because the trailers are the only part of the movie I’m guaranteed to stay awake through. Maybe it’s that, but I think I’m drawn to them because movie trailers are all about telling stories, the purest form of marketing. Unlike being interrupted by a billboard, commercial or magazine ad, the audience gave permission to watch the trailers. They’re not just captive, they’re interested.

With a tip of the microphone to the late, great Don LaFontaine and, I’d like to point to you IFC’s great compilation from of the top 50 movie trailers of all time.


So fill up your popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy. Two minutes at a time.

One thought on “The top 50 movie trailers ever”

  1. 300 didn't crack the top 50, a trailer that I thought is one of the best choreographed of all time; see how the action matches the music!
    These 50 must be awesome.
    Or at least awesome with respect to criteria more important to the authors.

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