How easy do you make it?


Equinox, a national chain of health clubs, understands that that thrilled members help spread their story.

The economics of health clubs is fairly simple. The many paying members who belong but don’t frequent the clubs subsidize the few that go often. Just like airlines oversell flights, health clubs oversell workouts. If even half the members of any given health club showed up at the same time, gridlock would ensue.

To compete, top health clubs invest heavily in flashy marketing and fancy club amenities designed to sell as many memberships as possible but beyond that, don’t go out of their way to encourage usage.

Enter Equinox. Instead of offering better soap in the locker rooms, Equinox proactively invested in the development of a super slick iPhone app and a mobile website that allows members to:

    – find clubs via GPS
    – find classes by club, category or instructor
    – learn more about the class or the instructor
    – maintain a MY EQ favorites list
    – track workouts and set goals
    – send VIP invitations to friends
    – reserve a bike for studio cycling classes

Equinox not only made it easy for customers to use their clubs, they gave members a story to tell and made it easy for them to tell it. Brilliant.

How easy do you make it for your customers to use your product or service or tell your story?

3 thoughts on “How easy do you make it?”

  1. Sure, but the time I asked for a quick tour and asked to use the scale, they refused to let me. Mind you, I was on vacation for a month and was looking for a temp gym. They wouldn't let me past the front desk. It's a gym. What would it have hurt to let me in?

    iPhone apps don't solve crappy policies.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tyler. I totally agree. The iPhone app is a great start but it sounds like they have a lot to learn about customer service. I can't imagine why they wouldn't gladly take you on a full tour. Bally's offers free trials all the time (accompanied with a sales pitch, of course). If they are worried about people abusing it, they could limit it to one free day trial (all benefits of a full member) per person annually.

  3. Clay,
    I LOVE MY EQUINOX iPhone App. It has really changed my relationship with the gym. The other day I was in an unfamiliar part of town. With just two clicks, I could see all the gyms around me. In the morning I can check to see what classes I may want to attend. And add future ones to my calendar. Equinox is a great example of a gym incorporating all aspects of social media. I actually received a comprehensive survey today that asked 3 questions the all around – would you recommend Equinox to a friend or family member. They GET IT!

    To Tyler,
    Did you know the average member pays almost $200/month at Equinox? So an amazing iPhone app, Kiel's products in the locker room, cold mint scented towels and world-renown fitness instructed are expected. Its like anything in NY – exclusivity has a price. If you want to use a scale for free – head down to NY Sports Club that charges less than half the price.

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