More or Less?


Some industries are becoming more fragmented. A lower barrier to entry is resulting in more new players with no end in sight.

More authors (blogs, Lulu & self publishing tools).
More charities (Charity Water, Acumen, Kiva).
More musicians and more songs (iTunes,

Some industries are consolidating – a few dominant players are capturing more and more of the market.

Less bookstores (Amazon).
Less search engines (Google).
Less pharmaceutical companies (mergers & acquisitions).

Is your industry becoming one of more or one of less? How are you preparing? Does your story match the trend in the industry? Should it?

2 thoughts on “More or Less?”

  1. I'd say my industry (advertising) leans toward consolidation during this time. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. (Other than for the reason of job loss.) But it makes you reevaluate, prioritize and be creative. And the strong survive.

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