You need a David

David makes passengers laugh.

David makes passengers applaud.

David makes passengers safer.

David gives people a story to tell their friends.

David makes it fun for his colleagues to come to work.

David loves his job.

David makes more people fly Southwest Airlines.

David’s video has almost 2.5 million views on YouTube but even without the internet, the story spreads. Social media just helps it spread faster and further.

Your organization needs more people like David.

Do you know how to look for Davids?

Do you know how to hire Davids?

Here’s a secret…

We all have more David in us than we think, it’s just buried beneath years of “you can’t” and “you shouldn’t”.

Does your company culture enable and encourage people like David to be…….like David?


3 thoughts on “You need a David”

  1. I definitely think hospital environments don't always encourage personalization of this type since there is so much concern about safety and privacy. Any suggestions on how nurses might encourage staff to use their unique personalities better for patient care?

    1. Hey Rob. Great point but I think hospitals are exactly the type of business that needs more of this behavior.

      It's been proven that laughter helps, right?

      If I ran a hospital, I would make the movie Patch Adams mandatory viewing for employees when they get hired and then twice a year.

      What if the hospital bought old comedy DVD's (they are only a few bucks a piece) and had a simple service where patients or guests could check them out for free?

      Or negotiate a partnership with Netflix for a reduced monthly rate for the hospital and then put it in the budget. For a few hundred dollars a year, patients could watch the movies they want instead of Wolf Blitzer.

      What do you think?

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