Impact Wrench


What did you do today?

Did those things have a direct impact on your goals?

(You do have goals, right? And you have them written down?)

Zig Ziglar has a great framework for defining and documenting your goals:

* Physical (appearance, exercise programs, medical/dental checkups, weight, nutrition).
* Family (listening habits, forgiveness, role model, supportiveness, shared time, respect, love).
* Financial (earnings, savings, investments, budget, insurance, debt).
* Social (Humor, listening habits, confidence, manners, caring).
* Spiritual (inner peace, purpose, prayer, Bible study, faith).
* Mental (imagination, attitude, education, reading, curiosity).
* Career (job satisfaction, effectiveness, training, understanding, purpose)

If the things you did today didn’t have any direct impact on your goals, why did you do them? What could you have done instead?

What are you going to do tomorrow?

Personally, I’m going to revisit my list of goals using Zig’s great framework and then focus on actions that directly impact those goals.

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