Those first hours


When I was in junior high, my dad told me something that I’ve remembered ever since.

“Those first hours, when you wake up early, before everyone else, before the distractions begin, those will be your most productive hours of the day.”

Lately, I’ve been getting up pretty early and knocking out some important stuff before the sunlight creeps across the floor.

Thanks, Dad.

[photo credit: Jonathan Cohen]

5 thoughts on “Those first hours”

  1. I think it really depends on who you are and what you do. For me that last few hours before i go to sleep (well after most other people) are when I am most productive. I am able to process and reflect on what I've learned throughout the day and apply it to the tasks at hand. I do think though that the commonality is that both early mornings and late nights provide a solitude that enables us to focus without distractions

  2. I find myself logging hours at the other end of the spectrum, but the end goal is the same. There is something special about taking advantage of time most people don't. Feels a little like you are getting more than you were promised.

  3. So true, Jason (like now at 3am). It doesn't matter whether it's early or late or whenever you can not be distracted. I usually get a lot done when I'm on the plane and don't have the distractions of the Internet.

    1. Just don't fly @virginamerica (Free in-flight wifi!). The interwebz can be a monumental blessing, as well as one hell of a curse. I find the late night forces my brain to slow down enough to process one thought at a time.

  4. I enjoy people, but working at night, no distractions, no noises, and just the unknown darkness tends to bring the most ideas and I get a lot more done.

    Just make sure a good snack is close to drive the midnight fuel.

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