Asking why

When phones were first introduced into workplaces, there was widespread resistance by management.

“Why should everyone have a phone? They’ll just call home.”

When FAX machines were introduced, there was a great deal of skepticism.

“Why do we need a FAX machine? We’ll never use it.”

When email became available for enterprise organizations, it was not quickly adopted.

“Why would anyone need their own email account? They’ll just email their friends.”

We’re seeing the same thing with social media. Some companies are embracing the new channels and opportunities and learning how to use them to improve their business.

Many are still stuck asking why.

18 thoughts on “Asking why”

  1. Companies will always flock to their customers.

    There are thousands of successful companies that simply do not need social media at this point; if they were there it would provide no added value to their customers.

    The key is being educated and aware of social media and being able to quickly adapt when your customers start to move there too.

    1. Tim – I think it depends on your definition of social media. Do you think there are thousands of companies or industries who wouldn't benefit from at least listening to what their customers are saying about their brand, industry or competitors?

      1. Yes, of course! Where is that definition of social media anyhow? :)

        I think the concept of social media (as I see it) is still very new to most people. As with any new concept, there are innovators, early adopters, the majority and the laggards.

        The early majority is only starting to fully accept and implement social media as part of their goals and overall agenda. The others are either stuck, as you say, or have evaluated SM and decided not to plunge in head first yet.

  2. Great question Clay. It seems like a great cost to be skeptical to change and sit on the sidelines these days. I like your point about going where your customers are. I think more companies need to be listening first and then joining relevant networks.

    Keep up the great posts!

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