Director of Phone

How absurd would it be to hire a “Director of Phone”?

Imagine proposing a job requisition for an “Email Manager” position?

Where would you go to hire a “Czar of FAX”?

Yet companies are hiring “social media managers” and “social media directors” to lead the “social media team”.

In a couple years, these titles will seem just as absurd as those above.

Social media needs to and will become (for those who get it right) integrated with all other functions and part of the fabric of the organization, just like phone, FAX and email did.

(The huge difference is that social media is the first of these kind tools that allows you to listen first.)

It won’t be a skill and it won’t be a department.

5 thoughts on “Director of Phone”

  1. So true Clay. It is just plain communication. Hiring individuals with these skills to fill departments and leadership roles will be critical. I can still see the role of a communications department for media creation and outreach but the most powerful brands are the ones like Zappos that are engaging customer on all levels and in every department. Jim Thomason of Thomas Nelson posted on this as well.

  2. Hmm I disagree on the last bit.

    Communication is a massive skillset and a massive 'department' to successful business.

    I think what 'social media' has done for the first time in a long time is introduce the value of a one on one conversation to a business from mass communication. It's also changed the value of an interaction with a suspect, prospect, customer and/or evangelist from being a single transaction to a measurable and manageable relationship.

    I think it's more likely to change the traditional Public Relations role as they have to learn to speak with people, not to them.


    1. I agree with pretty much everything you said, Paul.

      I just think that the organizations that do it best (like we're seeing with Zappos, Best Buy, Dell and others) won't relegate social media to a specific department like Marketing or PR. It will go beyond that and be integrated into the fabric of the company.

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