Speed and edges

When I first learned to snowboard, I fell. Often and hard. I fell on my wrists. I fell on my ass. I was black and blue and wet.

The second time, I got a little better.

The third time, something clicked. A light bulb went on and I realized the two things that make snowboarding easier.

Speed and edges.

Unlike learning to downhill ski, you need to build up a certain amount of speed in snowboarding for your edges to work. Starting on the bunny hill doesn’t work for snowboarding because it’s hard to build up enough speed to make a turn.

You’re always on your edges. This simple truth is the one thing I would tell any beginning snowboarder (and the one thing I wish someone had told me). The only time your snowboard is flat against the mountain is when you’re transitioning from one edge to the other. You go from heel edge to toe edge and back again. It’s only when your board is flat against the snow that it’s easy to catch an edge and fall hard.

The same is true in business.

Inertia kills.

Going faster is actually safer.

Speed begets speed and allows you to find and use your edges.

What can you do to go faster?

[Photo credit: Gatto Ashutto]


  1. Kinda makes your argument make sense RE: making a plan for MOTB as if it was already fulltime. Want to go goggle shopping? :)

    • clayhebert says:

      I'm guilty of this myself. Always battling the resistance. Blogging daily has helped. Sometimes the posts I think are crap are the ones others like the most. You just have to keep shipping.

      So yes, push on MOTB as if you had to launch it by St. Patrick's Day, 2010. After all, that's what the fortune teller predicted, right? :-)


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