How TED got even better

One of the best websites in the world just got even better. recently rolled out a “Best of the Web” section, designed to be a “one-stop portal to the very best talks on the Internet”.

You can view some of the early selections at the TED Talks page here. In the ‘Show by Event’ selector on the left, scroll down to the bottom to “Best of the Web”.

Martin Luther King Jr.: I Have a Dream
Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die
Michael Sandel: What is the Right Thing to Do?
Robert Sapolsky: The Uniqueness of Humans
and the famous “last lecture” of Randy Pausch.

Wisely, TED is crowdsourcing new content for the page from their intelligent and connected tribe. If you find video worthy of TED’s new page, email with “Best of the Web suggestion” in the subject line, and a link to where the talk can be seen.

6 thoughts on “How TED got even better”

  1. OK…so I just got an Apple TV…all I have to say is…. TED HD podcasts. Right? No more settling for what's on HGTV. lol.

    This is a good find btw. I've been on the TED site hundreds of times and I'd never seen this addition. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks, Steffan. I am excited you got your Apple TV all dialed in. Once I stop moving around, I'll be asking you about the latest best setup, including Boxee.

      It's a recent addition to TED. You didn't miss it before. It wasn't there.

  2. TED is a truly wonderful conf and website. Can't tell you how many important lessons and ideas I have learned about.
    New to the "Best of the Web" section is a great video of Taylor Mali doing some poetry slam about "What teachers make". Highly recommended 3min video

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