Woody Allen was right

Woody Allen used to say 90% of success in business was just showing up.

He’s right. Now more than ever.

In the social web, showing up is 90%. The other 10% is knowing what to do when you show up.

It doesn’t mean tweeting about your latest product or service or why someone should do business with you.

It means listening and engaging.

It means reacting quickly to negativity.

It means being generous. To a fault.

It means being transparent and building trust.

It means being a Connector.

It means being there before the sale.

It means being consistent and reliable.

Showing up isn’t hard but it’s critical. It means more than it ever has.

6 thoughts on “Woody Allen was right”

  1. Got this email today:

    "Have you noticed, Emily, that all great accomplishments require 4 things:

    A dream, action, patience, and a whole bunch of miracles?

    The miracles part is on me.

    1, 2, 3, Me –
    The Universe

    You pretty much just need to show up, Emily, dreaming, baby stepping, and loving the inevitability of it all."

  2. Good summary Clay. I think being in the game (engaged, blocking for others, making plays) is so important. It is really hard to know what's going on from the sidelines. I think of people I know in transition. They have to show up online and offline day after day or someone else will get the job.

    Keep up the good work here.

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