Best Business Books of 2009 – a list of lists

Beantown Web compiled a neat list of lists of the Best Business Books of 2009.

Congratulations to Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. Their NYT bestselller Trust Agents made four of the lists.

I’m following Julien’s advice and trying to read one book a week in 2010. I am currently on track and have read some absolutely amazing books in January.

Reviews coming soon…

[photo credit: blu blue]


  1. Clay, I've got the same plan to read one business book a week. I look forward to your reviews but what was just curious to what format they'll be in (video, write-up, etc)

    Enjoy your blog

  2. Bowmanave says:

    Great list of books. Look out for a new book called “Your Money Ratios”.

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