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Founder of Tribes Win. Co-founder of fear.less online magazine. Blogger at DailySense.com. Everyday, I try to hang with amazing people and do work that matters.

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Clay Hebert is Chief Engagement Officer of Tribes Win, a new media marketing agency that helps brands improve how they engage with their customers through the use of social media and other technologies. For more information, contact Clay directly.

Clay is also co-founder of fear.less, an online magazine dedicated to helping people overcome their fears.

Before founding Tribes Win and fear.less, Clay worked for over 9 years in consulting and marketing for Accenture, creating and delivering innovative solutions for clients in the healthcare industry.

In July 2009, Clay graduated from the most selective and unique MBA program in the country, a six month journey working directly with Seth Godin and eight other amazing people.

You can email Clay at clay.hebert [at] gmail [dot] com or connect on twitter – @clayhebert

Clay Omering

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Clay, I'm Stephen. I saw your post over at the church crunch forums, we'll getcha an answer soon for sure.

    But just thought I'd introduce myself. The Godin gig was worth it eh?

    1. Hey Stephen,

      Thanks for introducing yourself and any solution to that strange IE error would be greatly appreciated. John mentioned he would love to help but he's pretty slammed right now.

      The SAMBA program was amazing. I learned more relevant and applicable business, marketing and communication information than I thought possible in six months.

      You're doing great work. Keep leading.

      Keep in touch.

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