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IdeaPaint from Behance

I’ll admit it. I have an unhealthy love for whiteboards. Ever since college, when discussing ideas or processes or technology with colleagues, I frequently pop up from my chair and grab a whiteboard marker to sketch out my thoughts or those of the group. I’m definitely a visual thinker and learner, so having the idea sketched out helps me think through it. And since my first iteration is usually way off, the “erase-ability” is nice.

Until this week, I knew that someday my future office would be ‘wallpapered’ in whiteboards. For the second time in a month, I’d like to thank Scott and the great team over at Behance. Now I don’t have to hang heavy and cumbersome whiteboard material on the walls.

From the Behance site:

IdeaPaint helps you make ideas happen in the existing areas around your creative space or office. We recommend using IdeaPaint to boost productivity while brainstorming. By transforming your walls into useful space, you can track ideas, capture action steps, and bring order to the creative process.

Each IdeaPaint kit contains Behance tips for use, 50 sq ft of IdeaPaint, a specified foam roller, application instructions, a can opener, a stir stick, and an “Available for Use” sign.

Idea Paint is used by leaders across multiple industries, as well as in schools across the country. IdeaPaint is the most environmentally friendly dry-erase product on the market, making significant improvements in raw material utilization, energy consumption, and air quality. In 2008, IdeaPaint won Best of NeoCon Gold for Wall Treatments and Best of NeoCon Innovations Award.

You can find all of the information, including where to buy over at

Thanks, Behance. Now if you could make Aeron chairs in aerosol cans, I can just paint and spray until my office is complete.