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Tools Tuesday: S2H Replay Watch

Adult and child obesity is a huge problem in America. The statistics are staggering and the future impact on healthcare costs is terrifying.

So what does the cure look like?

Years of nutritional education?

Mandatory Wii Fit summer camps?

Another complete overhaul of the food pyramid?

What if the answer is actually much simpler? What if it’s a colorful $20 rubber watch?

What S2H Replay Is

Imagine a Livestrong bracelet and a Polar heart rate monitor had a drunken tryst one night after the Ironman triathalon. The offspring would be the Switch To Health Replay Watch.

Switch To Health Relpay Watch

How It Works

After 60 minutes of physical activity (which doesn’t need to be consecutive), the S2H Replay watch displays a unique Reward Code. Users can go to and enter their reward code to accumulate S2H Points, which can then be used to earn rewards such as movies, music and magazines.

Why It Will Work

Making It A Game
We’ve already seen the massive success Foursquare has had, turning going places into a game. S2H can do the same for working out.

Imagine the possibilities…

    Parents challenging children and children challenging parents
    Friends challenging friends (which we’ve already seen work with the Nike+ iPod model)
    Teachers challenging students

Community & Tribes
On, users can post challenges, view leaderboards and join teams.

Imagine the long-term health benefits if an entire school district adopted S2H and designed specific exercise and reward programs around it?

No cables. No software. Anyone can upload the simple code at in any browser.

What Can You Do?

Please spread the word and check them out at and on twitter and Facebook.

If you’re a parent, buy a few and challenge each other. Make it a family thing.

If you’re an educator, figure out how to make S2H part of your curriculum or school.

If you’re a company, partner with S2H (they also make branded Kintetic Fit Bands) to help your employees or customers get fit.

Switch To Health is changing the game and really has the potential to increase fitness and decrease obesity in America.

Thanks for listening.

[Full Disclosure: I met the S2H founders and they sent me an S2H watch to demo. It’s my new favorite watch.]



From Kelly, a really cool post about Parkour, a really cool sport.

My favorite is Kelly’s quote to wrap the post:

Gives me chills. My entire girlhood, my entire life, might have been so different in so many ways if I’d had any of this when I needed self-confidence, when I needed to be living in and learning my body rather than being so wary of it. Oh, the possibilities.

And with some practice…walls become ladders and obstacles disappear….

The underlying metaphor of Parkour that obstacles aren’t always obstacles and anything is possible.

If you have a child, please teach them this. Parkour is one good way to do so.

After pictures

As I went to workout with two friends tonight, I remembered that I hadn’t taken the “before” pictures as recommended by P90X, the workout program.

The analytic (read: nerd) in me eats this stuff up. Whenever I do a workout program, I like to track everything, reps, weight, distance, # of stairs, heart rate in target zone, bodyfat %, before pictures, etc.

While tracking this data is important, occasionally the analysis and setup in doing so distracts me from what is most important, which is just doing the damn workouts. The only two things I should track is “workouts completed” and “drops of sweat”.

I thought back to the Cult of Done manifesto and happily decided that the before pictures aren’t important.

It’s the after pictures that matter.

The best informercial product ever

I’m starting the P90X workout program today.  With all due respect to Chuck Norris, Ron Popeil and the ShamWow guy, P90X is the best product you can buy off of an infomercial.

It’s 2am and you’re flipping the channels between two infomercials.  One promises magic weight loss through an expensive, non-prescription pill.  The other offers a set of exercise DVDs and promises not just weight loss, but to help you completely transform your body.

The first one is snake oil, sold by scam artists and fake doctors.

The second one works,partly because it is real but in large part because it is a Tribe.

There is no magic pill that in any way helps you lose weight.  If such a pill existed, everyone would be slim, obesity would be a footnote in history books and the inventors would lend money to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.  I still can’t believe people fall for such obvious scams but they clearly do.  The infomercials keep running.

The other option I’m referring to is a detailed and prescriptive exercise program called P90X.  The program consists of 13 DVDs, an exercise guide and a nutrition guide.  Each DVD is led by an inspirational, extremely fit 50 year old named Tony Horton.


The program works because it contains the three critical elements of any successful fitness program:

  1. Strength training
  2. Cardio and
  3. Nutrition

P90X isn’t easy and never claims to be.  Each workout is about an hour and you can expect to be sweating profusely during each one (even on yoga day).

But many similar fitness programs contain those three elements.  So why is P90X so successful?  Because people stick with the program long enough to realize their transformation.

Why do people stick with the program?  Because it is a Tribe.  It has an inspirational leader in Tony Horton.  Members use the P90X terminology.  Members connect and support each other, posting their before and after pictures on P90X message boards.  People who finish the program can’t wait to tell others about it and recruit.  Many first-timers then become ‘coaches’ for new members.  Many people post their transformational stories on YouTube.

If there was no Tribe, P90X would still work but the idea wouldn’t have spread.  People wouldn’t tell their friends and family or coach each other on the message boards.  As a result, Beachbody, the parent company, wouldn’t have sold nearly as many units.

Does your product or service have a Tribe?