Clay Hebert educates organizations and brands on how to achieve their business objectives using the social web.

If you are looking for a thought-provoking and fun presentation or workshop your audience will be motivated and inspired. Clay’s talks will leave you feeling energized to engage with your customers and humanize your business. His discussions are touching, personal, passionate, and help initiate positive change.

Clay has presented to businesses, universities, industry trade organizations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs.

Email Clay for his speaking fee and other information via his contact page.

Clay’s subject matter is diverse. He can really customize a presentation to whatever suits you or your event. But here are a few ideas to get you started.

    Customer engagement is the new marketing. Customer experience is the new brand.
    Marketing is not about crafting a message and trying to blast it to as many ears and eyeballs and possible. It’s about engaging with customers, making human connections and translating it all into bottom-line business results. Clay will cover how the old model has changed and teach you how you can take advantage of the new model to achieve your business objectives.
    Social ROI
    Despite the naysayers, it is more possible to measure and demonstrate ROI from engagement in the social web than almost any other form of marketing. It’s not about acquiring Twitter followers or Facebook fans, it’s about using real engagement to move the needle on your business objectives. Clay will teach you how to effectively define specific objectives and how to design a social strategy to achieve those objectives. He will show you how to define the right metrics and how to measure them to prove the ROI of your engagement in social communication.

    Below is a presentation Clay designed for the Roger Smith Hotel to illustrate how they book 75-175 rooms per month via social and have increased their food and events business by 32% and 36% respectively.

To contact Clay regarding appearances and speaking fees, please click here.

TechDrawl Interview at LessConf3010

Recent speaking engagements and topics

Social Media Hour, hosted by Cathy Brooks – Do’s and Dont’s for Social Media Campaigns and Viral Video
LessConf 3010, Linchpin – Are You Indispensible?
The Digital Impact Conference, PR 3.0, Where the PR Industry is Headed
DPHA Conference, 2009 – Customer engagement is the new marketing. Customer experience is the new brand.

Clay has also been a featured presenter at several private workshops with Fortune 500 executives and guest lectured at leading higher education institutions.


“Day 2 speakers were especially inspiring, in fact my conversation with Clay after his presentation had a real impression on me.”
— Beverly Nelson, LessConf 3010 attendee

“Cameron, Chris, Saul and Clay were your heavy hitters this year so it would be great to have them back again.”
— Ben Matthews, LessConf 3010 attendee

“My two favorites were easily Cameron Moll and Clay Hebert.”
–Jason Beaird, LessConf 3010 attendee

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