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Ketel One Double (Fail)


I noticed this ad on a bus station last week. If M&C Saatchi is still handling the print ads for KetelOne, what were they thinking?

What, exactly, is this ad supposed to be telling me? What change do they want to bring about in me?

KetelOne now sponsors the Yankees. Great. Is this going to make me drink more vodka? (unlikely).

Is it supposed to make me think more of the Yankees? Why don’t they just add a syringe?

I was confounded, so I did a little more research.

In addition to the print ads going downhill, KetelOne has hired a new agency, Grey, to promote the vodka on TV with the following ad.

David Kiley’s review of the TV ad is spot on. Any vodka could be inserted in this ad. Why the departure from the cryptic but unique ad campaign?

Hey barkeep, cancel that KetelOne double. I’ll just have a water.