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An effective parrot

My good friend Susan is hiring a boss.

That’s right. Hiring a boss.


As we start to wrap up the SAMBA program, Susan took the traditional (and extremely ineffective) job search, cover letter, resume process and flipped it upside-down.

She created a cool website at www.SusanHiresABoss.com.

The positive responses have been overwhelming – you can learn more and read some of the comments here.

Many bosses applied to hire Susan, but one company in particular stood out.

Inventables responded back to Susan in their own unique way by creating a position called, “Susan” on the Careers page of their website. It looked like this:

Full Charge Bookkeeper

Start up CFO

Software Engineer



It was brilliant and showed Susan that Inventables not only understood her but that they were willing to do something out of the ordinary themselves. Of all the applications, theirs clearly stood out. Susan laughed, shared it with the team and responded immediately.

By parroting back to Susan that they were a company willing to break the rules, Inventables got noticed.

What rules did you break today?