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Never say Thx

improve your subject lines

Next time you write an email, take an extra two seconds to write a descriptive, clear subject line that explains what the email is about.

Examples of horrible, time wasting subject lines:
– website
– my flight
– meeting
– Pls review
– Status?
– Thx

Here are those same subject lines, improved:
– So many orders…Our website is down!
– Confirmed MSP to LGA this Friday – arrive 10:20pm
– Friday meeting with Ms. Alba – Les Halles or Bridge Cafe?
– Please review this Gladwell article and reply by EOD
– Status update on Rodriguez steroid story? (due 3pm today)
– Thanks for speaking at our conference – rave reviews

If you do email marketing, check out this study by MailChimp.

We all receive far too much email. When people check their emails on a mobile device, they may only see the start of a subject line, not the whole thing. So you need clear and concise subject lines that describe the content.

If you respect the recipient (and if you don’t, you’re a spammer), take the extra two seconds to write a quality subject line that will help the receiver identify and understand the email.