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Stop counting (start counting)


Stop counting how many Facebook friends you have.

Stop counting how many people follow you on Twitter.

Stop counting your LinkedIn connections.

Those numbers don’t matter.

I’m going to say it again, because it’s important. Those numbers don’t matter.

Start counting (how many) of those people you would start a business with.

Start counting (how many) of those people you would lend money to. Or borrow money from.

Start counting (how many) of those people would defend you in court.

Start counting (how many) of those people would come to your for business or personal advice.

Start counting (how many) of those people would let you crash on their couch. For a month.

Start counting (how many) of those people you would want at your wedding. Or your funeral.

192 (6)

4,367 (32)

459 (11)

In the very underrated Spike Lee Joint, 25th Hour, Edward Norton plays a former drug dealer about to be sent to prison. At his farewell party he delivers the following toast:

Champagne for my real friends. Real pain for my sham friends.

Stop counting sham friends. Start counting (real friends).

You’re already on Twitter (and Facebook)

No I’m not, you say. I’ve never signed up.

Let me ask you a few questions.

1) Do you know anyone who uses Twitter? How about Facebook?

2) Have you had any sort of communication with any of those people since March 2008?

3) Is it inconceivable that that person Tweeted about it or posted something on their Facebook page?

“I just had sushi at Kotobuki with my uncle John in Long Island.”

“My friend Mike recently graduated med school and just sent me this amazing article on the future of healthcare in America.”

“I met my friend’s boss Jeff for the first time today. That guy drinks like Mickey Mantle used to.”

The same is true for YouTube and blogs and it will hold true when the next big thing replaces Facebook and Twitter.

Just like companies need to understand that they no longer control their brands, you need to understand that you no longer control where you are and where you are not online.

Like it or not, more and more, we live our lives in public. Even if you’ve never considered ‘managing your digital footprint’, some entries have already been made on your behalf.

How does that make you feel?