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Recapture your creativity

As you probably figured out from the name of this blog, I try to write something here everyday. Hopefully every tenth post is insightful or helpful in some way. My goal is to make you think, change or just laugh.

Writing everyday was more difficult than I expected it to be but it’s nothing compared to the project that Brock Davis took on.

Brock Davis is a creative director at Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis. Everyday in 2009, Brock decided he would make something cool and post it on his Behance portfolio.

You can see Brock’s portfolio here or by clicking on any picture in this post. DesignBoom did a recent article on Brock.

“Cool.” you say, “but I’m not creative like Brock.”

I’m calling bullshit. You ARE creative. You were creative when you were four years old, right? Back when the refrigerator was the local art gallery, you were the star. Most of our schools and companies teach us out of our creativity.

Recapture your creativity. Overcome your resistance. If Brock can do it 365 times, you can surely do it once. Make something cool tomorrow or the next day. Anything. If you want, email it to me and I’ll showcase the best one (or top ten) in a future post.